June 8, 2024

Hiiiii, everyone, especially Taylor Swift Fans, welcome to this site!!!!!!

My Story

My name is Patrick, to be honest, I have been a fan of Taylor Swift for less than a month. But I think both her singing voice as well as her personality are enough to make her an extremely good role model and such a positive image for everyone in the world to understand, and I created this website to spread her stories and songs.

I have known Taylor Swift for many years because she has been popular for a decade, but I’m not a fan of her until recently. To be fair, she even had a slightly negative image in my mind previously because I heard some negative rumors about her. But these rumors are not true and the press and news media are just utilizing her to gain traffic. Last month my girlfriend, a huge fan of Taylor Swift, introduces cruel summer-a popular song of Taylor Swift and a few other songs to me, and she sings them for me.

I really LOVE her songs!!!

While impressed by how beautifully my girlfriend sings the songs, to be fair, I really like the passion and the energy delivered by Taylor Swift,  and the rhythm of the music itself is so beautiful. When I was hearing ‘Cruel Summer’ for the first time, I was so shock, my body was literally shaking with the beat, and I felt like a flow just went through my brain and turn my mind bright.

She can possess a range of difference tones and styles, she sings high pitch songs like ‘Welcome to New York’, ‘Cruel Summer’, ‘Wildest Dreams’…she also sings low pitch songs like ‘Exile’. Her voice can be so tender and smooth in the prelude of ‘Enchanted’, can also be sharp consistently as in ‘Welcome to New York’. She began her career as a country singer, but she can sing popular music like ‘London Boy’, ‘Gorgeous’, and obviously she has created so many masterpiece that will never go out of fashion. More than that, she is not just a singer, she can be the lyricist, composer, and arranger of a song, she is just so talented!

Also…She is just so good…

I am also so impressed by her story and her gratitudes towards all her fans simultaneously. She was interrupted at the Grammys to say someone else was the best singer. Imagine how this would have made her less confident as well as inferior. She was also framed resulting in serious damage to her reputation and was even blackballed all over the internet. Normally I feel bad when even one person says something about me, and she was called out all over the internet, imagine the mental burden as well as stress that would have caused her. But she remained strong through it all and proved she was back with an album ‘Reputation’, and became more and more confident.

After that, she got caught up in copyright issues, and faced with a lot of difficulties, she rerecorded all the songs she had previously released.

And she treasures her fans so much! She is so thankful because there are so many people that love her songs and support her all the time. During her singing career, she has only cancelled one concert because she was affected by bronchitis and it was the only time she canceled or postponed her shows due to an apparent illness. Unlike most singers, who would typically cancel a show under extreme weather conditions, just a few months ago on the Nashville stage, Taylor kept going to deliver a rain-soaked show, and fans couldn’t be more proud and respectful of her for putting them before anything.

She has also given every concert worker a 100,000 dollars bonus to thank for their efforts. And what I listed upon are only a proportion of her stories. It is the stories and difficulties that form today’s Taylor Swift that we would love and support forever!

Why I Create This Site

I want to create this site to spread her voices and stories. She is obviously one of the best singers that deliver the best performance. As the URL of this website I want to create a song list and an album list of Taylor Swift. I’m also gonna post some of her album images, concert images, and her posters, so please FEEL FREE to take them as you want. I also want to introduce her official website, fans club, concerts information so you can almost find anything you want about Taylor Swift on this website.

Also, I want you to feel like you can reach out to me if you ever have any questions or want to share any ideas you have related to any information about Taylor Swift, it can be anything from as small as her favorite food to as big as the latest concerts, and we can discuss all of them. OR, just drop me a comment and say hi, that is cool to.

If you have any suggestions for this site or any other info you want me to add to this site, you can leave a comment or use the email address to contact me, these things are so welcome in this site and I will be more than happy to listen to your opinions. And it would be really nice if you would like to share this website with other Taylor Swift fans!

Anyways, that’s my story and why I care. I’m so lucky and it is so nice to meet ya all here! I hope you enjoy your experience on this website, and let’s support Taylor Swift FOREVERRR!


Seb Patrick

w. TaylorSwiftSongsList.com

e. patrick@taylorswiftsongslist.com

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